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Bullyland Horses

Bullyland are known to be one of the leading producers of plastic toy horses, with each model horse measuring up to a similar scale as those from Schleich. Well Bullyland horses are made from a highly detailed sculpture to replicate real life horse breeds they have altered each model to produce a horse with slightly childish characteristics making them more appealing to both the younger market and parents looking for something not so grown up.

Bullyland horses are made from a strong durable plastic with each and every model horse hand-painted to the finest detail. In total, Bullyland toys produce more than 42 horses and ponies from over 21 breeds. Combined with lots of horse riders, accessories and buildings, there's enough here to satisfy the most committed young horse enthusiast. With the Bullyland horse range you can expect to find a stallion, mare and foal to create an instant horse family from any breed.

Well not promoted as such, Bullyland horses are made to a close 1:24 scale and match perfectly with Schleich horses.

American Paint

The Paint Horse is mainly used by cowboys for ranch work and at the rodeo. Even as a leisure horse, it is well suited. It is extremely intelligent, honest, good-natured and totally reliable. They are also known for their friendliness. In general, the Paint Horse has a very balanced character.


The Spanish horses are known as “Andalusians”. Andalusia is in the south of Spain. Most Andalusians have a classic grey colour. They are rarely sable or brown, although these are very popular.


The Appaloosa has an unusual pattern. Single-coloured Appaloosas do not occur and there are six different patterns. Appaloosa horses are popular in western shows and used in leisure riding.


The Arabian is one of the oldest thoroughbred breeds and today it's a very popular horse for leisure. It is very capable of learning and is very affectionate. Its good endurance is particularly appreciated. Because Arabians are very sensitive, they are hardly suitable for beginners.

Black Forest

Nice, strong and active are the characteristics of the Black Forest horse. The horse is a cold-blooded animal. In the past, the Black Forest Fuchs was mainly used to work in the forest. Today it is a popular leisure horse.


The Haflinger horse breed is a mountain horse, which today is used as a robust horse for leisure riding. If treated correctly, Haflinger are very willing, good-natured and strong-nerved animals. They are also sure-footed and can be used for a variety of tasks.


The Hanoverian horse is one of the world famous German warmblood breeds. They tend to be powerful, docile, well-balanced, reliable and sporty. These are traits that strengthen their discipline in equestrian sports including dressage and jumping. They are known as outstanding jumpers.


A strong body and friendly character are characteristics of the Iceland horse. They develop slowly and so are only ridden from the age of 5 years. In winter, they develop a thick winter coat which protects them from snow and rain.


This horse is an old Danish breed. What makes these horses special is their unusual design and colour. You often see these horses in the circus, as they are easily trained. They are also used often as a show horse and in dressage including driving and leisure rides.


The Lipizzaner is one of the most famous horse breeds. Because of its use in classical dressage, everyone recognizes it. A special feature of the horse is its toughness and endurance. It has a very lively temperament, but is always friendly and balanced.

Norwegian Fjord

The Norwegian is one of the pony breeds. It is famous for its patience, strength and good character. It has a calm temperament, which makes it a very reliable and ideal horse for children. The Norwegian’s coat colour is dun.


This horse was named after its main breeding area of Oldenburg in northern Germany. The Oldenburg is a worldwide popular sport horse. The coat colour is usually brown. There are occasionally bay and grey, but chestnut colours are rare. They usually have white markings on the head.

Paso Fino

The Paso Fino is a South American race. They have a particular gait, from which they take their name, and which is in turn also named after them. Paso Fino means “fine step” in Spanish.


The Shire horse’s coat colour is usually bay and brown. Markings are visible on the head and legs. Since they are heavy and have lots of muscles, cold-blooded animals can do hard work.


The Tinker is known as a good workhorse because it has strong muscles. It can carry a load of more than 1,000 pounds, twice as much as its weight, for a very long time.


The Trakehner is known for its fast learning and its strong will. Its high performance makes it suitable for all types of riding. The Trakehner is the oldest German warmblood breed. the Trakehner horse breed can be used for riding as well as for heavy work.


Bullyland produce a fine range of toy ponies and can be used as a riding pony for children because it has very good endurance. Use your Bullyland pony to take kids for rides or keep him as your adorable put.

Article by Junior Farmer - Published on 18 September 2012

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